yasu ka kazu (trickylady) wrote in erik_charles,
yasu ka kazu

[Fic] Between the Lines

Title: Between the Lines
Author: trickylady
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Genre: thriller, pre-slash, AU (dark).
Fandom: XMFC
Rating: Hard R
Word count: ~2k
Warnings: very dubious consent, mind-rape (if that's a thing), Erik being very creepy, power struggles.

Summary: Charles is waiting in line, but someone insists on talking to him. It’s okay at first, and then Charles realizes there’s something incredibly wrong with the man he’s conversing with. Or maybe there’s just something wrong with him that he never noticed before.

Charles sighs, turning to the next page. “I don’t much feel like telling you my name, sir. I’m certain you can guess why.”

“Erik Lehnsherr,” the stranger whispers as he leans in closer to Charles.

“I’m sorry, but no. You’ll have to guess again.”

Comments appreciated.
Tags: genre: alternate universe, rating: r, type: fic
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