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fic: to lose everything, just to find you (1/5)

Happy Halloween!

Title: To Lose Everything, Just To Find You (or, Five Uses For Everyday Honey) (Chapter One)
Author: luninosity
Word Count: 2,035 for this chapter

Rating: overall, it's going to be R (oh, just wait for chapter two...), but probably PG-13 for this part.
Disclaimers: characters belong to Marvel, not me; I only do this out of affection! Title and overall opening and closing lines from the Foo Fighters’ “What If I Do?”
Summary/Notes: written as a rather belated birthday-present for euruaina, who requested some Erik/Charles sweetness; it got somewhat epic, I’m afraid. Falling in love, sweetness, heartbreak, desire, hope, reconciliation, honey. In this section, first kisses and sweetness and fluff.

read: on LJ here, or AO3 here
Tags: author: luninosity, genre: first time, genre: post movie, rating: pg-13, type: fic
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