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Hellfire: Chapter 5

Title:  Hellfire
Beta: My darling friend phionique  who not only puts up with my nagging, but provides great ideas on plot twists and   helps me work out little niggles on like... every part of the story <3 
Rating:  PG-13 (Though there are some creepy bits; its nowhere near NC-17 but still be warned)
Warnings:  Fire, angst, period specific homophobia, slight internalised homophobia, colourful German swearing and some creepy ust and talks of murder.
Pairing:  Charles/Erik
Disclaimer:  NOT MINE. NEVER MINE. I could never be trusted with them; there'd be unicorns and big gay weddings EVERYWHERE.
Summary: Paris is being torn apart by the seams by the madman that is Sebastian Shaw, but it seems that Erik might just be feeling just as hurt and burnt as Paris in the end. He should have never left the tower. Of course. Not him. Never, ever him.

Now on AO3!
And on

Previous Chapter (Chapter 4)
This Chapter (Chapter 5)
Tags: genre: alternate universe, genre: first time, genre: hurt/comfort, rating: pg-13, type: fic
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