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Question : Why does Erik mispronounce his family name ?

I noticed it and wondered, what an odd name he had, until I read it in print.
Does it make any sense to you ? He's supposed to be a native speaker of German and so he should know.(Sure, the movie makers just didn't care...etc.)But what would be a cannon explaination other than "they didn't know how to say it right, so they somehow tried it in English" ?
By the way, were does he live ? Did he emigrate to the US and that's why he speaks English without accent (but he doesn't sound very American to me ???) ? or did he stay in Germany ? I thought, he might be an interpreter...

edit :"Lanshir"> "Lan" like in "land" and "shir" like "s" in "ship and "i" like in "bee" and "r" like an English "shwa" or sounding like English pronoun "her" isn't right.
(joking, there's Yorkshire and know Lanshire... or we would have Lynchher like in Eric lynch her !!! that would be so funny !!! like the humor of the name "Gaylord Fokker")

It's "Lehnsherr"> "Leh"> with "l" like "love", "e" like in "help", but longer,"h" like in help" and nasal "n" like in "shine", "s" like in "sense" and "h" like in "her", again "e" like in help,and "r" like in "red".

But the family name "Lehnsherr" is a real word > "Leh(e)n" means "feud" in English and "herr" > "master", so it's "Feudmaster" in English...sounds funny to me, too, but that's what it is. A more common version of the name is "Lehmann".

The first name "Erik"(> the German spelling) means "sovereign; lasting ruler/master" or "legitimate ruler/master" according to my book on the meaning of names.
"Magnus"> latin> means "the big".

That makes "Erik Lehnsherr" a so called "talking name" by hinting at what he'll try to become, imo.

"Charles" > English/French version of "Carl/Karl" meaning "free man" , "Francis" >English/French coming from the Italien name "Francesco" or German "Franziskus" meaning "the Frenchman" and "Xavier"> spanish name, reminding of a castle in Spain called Xavier in Navarra.

That makes Charles "the free french guy with the castle" that he !!! and Erik "the big souvereign master" that he is.
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