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Help find a fic?

I am new to both this community and the pairing, but have spent the last two weeks reading a ton of fanfiction. I found one that I enjoyed, but sadly forgot to archieve it and now can't find it. Now, I beseech all of you who are smart enough to remember the stories you read if you remember this one.

Erik, during a recruitment trip for the Brotherhood offends a mutant with the power of transformation. As punishment, she turns him into a kitten. He is found by a human Charles who takes him back home. Erik tells Charles his name with Charle's newspaper and begins to fall in love with him. Charles read his a ton of stories that belonged to a RX. When Erik finds out that RX is Mystique, he remembers her begging him to spare her human brother in the up coming war. Needless to say, Erik gets turned back into his former self, has fallen in love with Charles, and realizes not all human are scum.

Sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks for all your help!
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