December 16th, 2012

santa chuck, christmas

Fifty-four shiny new gifts in the Secret Mutant Collection are now up!

The secret_mutant collection on AO3 is open!

It's located right here, and contains 54 stories/art pieces, a healthy percentage of which are Charles/Erik. If you're looking for new fic, please take a few minutes to peruse and shower our lovely authors and artists with praise!

(The stories will show up on the regular AO3 tags as well, but in chronological order. Most of them are long buried under newer things, so this might be the only place you see these in your regular travels!)

Also, SECRET MUTANT MADNESS, the prompt-based free-for-all that is open to EVERYONE is still on-going! To learn more, click here! There are dozens of Charles/Erik prompts that are just waiting to be filled!