December 15th, 2012


G rated art I forgot yesteday

This was done while away. I really am not great at colouring on SAI yet but this was my first go at it.
I also have a lot to learn about outlineing on it. Various tools do things differently and I still need to figure out what. Will play about more once I'm on Mainframe as it's difficult to see well on this shitty, tiny screen.
Still it's great to be able to do some painting while on the netbook. Paint Tool SAI is small enough that it runs easily and it makes my lines much neater. Not always the look I'm going for but it's great to have the option.
I think it will be also useful for drawing up embroidery patterns.

Anyway this art was in response to people wanting some Hanukkah art to go with all the Christmas stuff. I may also do some Christmas stuff as well. Some kind of blended theme thing.

sorry I keep forgetting to change the DW tags to LJ ones
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