December 10th, 2012

santa chuck, christmas

Secret Mutant Madness!

open to everyone dec 9 - dec 22!
click for more details!

Secret Mutant Madness is a fast-paced XMFC holiday gift fest open to everyone, not just people who participated in secret_mutant. It will run from December 9 - December 22.

Participating is easy--look through the list of prompts (Charles/Erik prompts are here, but there are also Gen Prompts and plenty of other pairings) and if you see one you like, write a ficlet/sketch a drawing/paint a picture for it and upload it to our AO3 collection as a gift for the listed requester.

There's no word limit! You can write a 300 work ficlet or a 30,000 word epic! There's no claiming! You can write whatever prompt you'd like, regardless of whether or not someone else is also eyeing it! There's no commitment! Play if you want, but if you start something and can't finish it, there's no penalty!

For more information, click here! And feel free to spread the word to all XMFC-loving corners of the internet :)