November 9th, 2012

xmen: erik&charles7 mouths


Good morning, all! Assuming that not everybody has been eaten alive by NaNoWriMo like I have (*sob* slightly behind but it's nearly the weekend, dammit....), it's time for the Friday boost for the chatroom once more. Just open the room up if you get there before me and have fun! :D

I think some folks are thinking that the chat is only open on Fridays – it isn't, though that's when it gets advertised/hosted for largely traditional reasons dating back to when kaitlia777 started the first community chatroom last year. Seriously, if anybody wants to use it at any time, go for it. If there's nobody else there, wait a bit and someone else may well show up (I generally have the chat up in the background if I'm online).

From a web browser, go to:, enter your preferred nickname and go to channel #xmfc_chat

If you prefer to set up a channel in a chat client, the server is, no password; just point it (via "join a chat" or equivalent) at the channel as above and you should find us!
erik/charles (distances)

fic: to lose everything, just to find you (4/5)

Here's chapter four! One to go...

Title: To Lose Everything, Just To Find You (or, Five Uses For Everyday Honey) (Chapter Four) (chapter three here) (chapter two here) (chapter one here)
Author: luninosity
Word Count: 3,556 for this chapter

Rating: PG-13 for the intensity of Charles being near death, in this part
Disclaimers: characters belong to Marvel, not me; I only do this out of affection! Title and overall opening and closing lines from the Foo Fighters’ “What If I Do?”
Summary/Notes: written as a rather belated birthday-present for euruaina, who requested some Erik/Charles sweetness; it got rather epic, I’m afraid. Falling in love, sweetness, heartbreak, hope, reconciliation, honey. In this section, Erik and Charles perspectives, with hurt!Charles and protective!Erik, long-overdue conversations, dinosaurs, and Shakespeare.

Read: at LJ here or at AO3 here