October 18th, 2012


fic: more than all the world (chapter 6)

Just making sure this goes up before I leave for Seattle--back Sunday!

Title: More Than All The World (The Werewolf’s Tale) (chapter 6 of probably 8)  (chapter 5 here) (chapters 3 & 4 here) (chapters 1 & 2 here)
Rating: probably R by the end, but PG-13 for this bit, for discussion of Charles's less-than-ideal childhood, and some revelations about Erik's past, and also telepathic first kisses
Word Count: 9,729
Disclaimers: characters are not mine; only playing with them for fun! For sources, see the Notes.
Summary: an Erik/Charles story very loosely based on Marie de France’s 12th-century French werewolf tale, in which Erik is the man transformed into a wolf (he’ll get changed back by the end, it’s not that kind of story, though they very definitely do fall in love) and Charles is a king and eventually there’s a happy ending. Also, a villain’s nose gets bitten off.
Notes: I am using the Robert Hanning/Joan Ferrante translation of Marie’s lais for reference and English translation aid; the title, opening and closing quotes, and all chapter titles, come from that version of “Bisclavret”. Written for the xmen_tales fairy tale fun.

links to my LJ: (chapter 6 part one here) (chapter six part two here)

Hellfire: Interlude - Erik, Charles

Title:  Hellfire
Beta: My darling friend phionique  who not only puts up with my nagging, but provides great ideas on plot twists and   helps me work out little niggles on like... every part of the story <3 
Rating:  PG-13 for homophobia
Warnings:  Angst and internalized homophobia
Pairing:  Charles/Erik
Disclaimer:  NOT MINE. NEVER MINE, GODDAMMIT. I could never be trusted with them; there'd be unicorns and big gay weddings EVERYWHERE.
Summary: Monsters were never meant for heaven's light.


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