September 28th, 2012


fic: more than all the world (chapter 5)

Over halfway!

Title: More Than All The World (The Werewolf’s Tale) (chapter 5 of probably 8) (chapters 3 & 4 here) (chapters 1 & 2 here)
Author: luninosity
Rating: probably R by the end, but PG-13 for this bit, for discussion of Charles's less-than-ideal childhood

Word Count: 4,911
Disclaimers: characters are not mine; only playing with them for fun! For sources, see the Notes.
Summary: an Erik/Charles story very loosely based on Marie de France’s 12th-century French werewolf tale, in which Erik is the man transformed into a wolf (he’ll get changed back by the end, it’s not that kind of story, though they very definitely do fall in love) and Charles is a king and eventually there’s a happy ending. Also, a villain’s nose gets bitten off.
Notes: I am using the Robert Hanning/Joan Ferrante translation of Marie’s lais for reference and English translation aid; the title, opening and closing quotes, and all chapter titles, come from that version of “Bisclavret”. Written for the xmen_tales fairy tale fun.

link to fic at my LJ here

Fic: La Geste du Beau Trouvé (4/?)

Fic Title: La Geste du Beau Trouvé ch.4 - The Virtuous King (WIP)
Author: clarounette
X-Men Verse: X-Men First Class, X-Men Comics (a bit)
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik, Charles/Moira, maybe more
Rating: general Mature (for violence), PG13 for this chapter
Word Count: no idea yet
Warnings: minor character death, violence, warfare for the whole fic
Inspiration: Arthurian legends
Summary: In a powered Arthurian AU, Gifted are persecuted.
The Great Wizard Shaw puts Gifted Charles on the throne, so Gifted will become the dominant species once he finds the Grail, and sends Gifted Erik to help him.
A/N: written for the xmen_tales, betaed by luninosity
xmen: erik&charles3 parenting conferenc


Good evening, all! It's time for the Friday boost for the chatroom again! :D

I think some folks are thinking that the chat is only open on Fridays – it isn't, though that's when it gets advertised/hosted for largely traditional reasons dating back to when kaitlia777 started the first community chatroom last year. Seriously, if anybody wants to use it at any time, go for it. If there's nobody else there, wait a bit and someone else may well show up (I generally have the chat up in the background if I'm online).

From a web browser, go to:, enter your preferred nickname and go to channel #xmfc_chat

If you prefer to set up a channel in a chat client, the server is, no password; just point it (via "join a chat" or equivalent) at the channel as above and you should find us!