September 24th, 2012


fic: more than all the world (chapters 1 & 2)

So I put this up on my own journal, but forgot to do it here--here're the first two chapters of my xmen_tales story, based very loosely on Marie de France's "Bisclavret", which is about a werewolf and a king. I think there will be eight chapters total; more soon...

Title: More Than All The World (The Werewolf’s Tale) (chapters 1 & 2 of probably 8)
Author: luninosity
Rating: probably R by the end, but PG for now

Word Count: 4,146
Disclaimers: characters are not mine; only playing with them for fun! For sources, see the Notes.
Summary: an Erik/Charles story very loosely based on Marie de France’s 12th-century French werewolf tale, in which Erik is the man transformed into a wolf (he’ll get changed back by the end, it’s not that kind of story, though they very definitely do fall in love) and Charles is a king and eventually there’s a happy ending. Also, a villain’s nose gets bitten off.
Notes: I am using the Robert Hanning/Joan Ferrante translation of Marie’s lais for reference and English translation aid; the title, opening and closing quotes, and all chapter titles, come from that version of “Bisclavret”. Written for the xmen_tales fairy tale fun.

erik the red

[Fic] At Any Time | AU | NC-17

title: At Any Time
author: musical_emjay
pairing: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier
fandom: X-Men First Class
rating: NC-17
wordcount: 5,483

warnings: underage sex, Erik being a creepy fuck

summary: Strangers on a train. Things go as you might expect.


Charles makes a bold proposition, and Erik should really know better.