September 18th, 2012

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Fic: Stricher-Sequel - 'Berlin ist ein Dorf'(5/?)

Title: Stricher-Sequel - 'Berlin ist ein Dorf'(5/?)
Author: cylin
Rating: Ev. NC-17
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Summary: In life - and even in a big city like Berlin - you always meet twice.
Sequel to 'Stricher' (You'd need to read it first for this to make sense).

Quick note:
Ok, I know I've been taking my sweet time. But I have not abandoned this!
I'm setting up my own small business and it's eating all my time - not to mention my brain... the feeble twitching leftover then goes to my boyfriend and closest friends.... that's what my life's like at the moment. I'm sorry you will have to bear the brunt of this with the fics. I'll try my best!

Berlin ist ein Dorf (5/?) )


Fic: The third who walks always beside you 10/18

Title The third who walks always beside you 10/18
Author apolesen
Fandom X-Men First Class
Pairings Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier/Gabrielle Haller, in all possible combinations.
Beta cicero_drayon
World count of chapter 5012
Word count of entire fic 94 000
Rating/warnings NC-17. Sexual situations, mental illness, professional misconduct, period homophobia, ableism and racism as well as casual misogyny, discussion of genocide and sexual abuse.
Disclaimer Marvels owns it, not I.
Summary After a chance meeting, the recently reunited mutant school-master and leader of the Brotherhood both become fascinated by Gabrielle Haller, a human who has demons of her own to fight. As Erik finds himself pulled between his mutant identity and his human heritage, Charles wrestles with his own ethical code and his attraction to his friend. The innocent distraction between the three of them rapidly grows more complicated and, ultimately, altogether more sinister.
Author's notes The Bible quote is from Isaiah 11:6, in case anyone's curious. I apologise how slow posting has been (and might continue to be). I assure you, it's all RL's fault.

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