September 13th, 2012


Student/Teacher Relations 13/14

Title: Student/Teacher Relations
Author: poor_medea
Rating: PG-13
Chapter Word Count: 5,000. (Total: 55,000)
Characters: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, Azazel, Lorna Dane, Agent McCone, Agent Pratt
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me
Summary: As a TA, Charles knows he can't get involved in all his students' lives. He needs to keep professional boundaries, to make sure that he's an authority figure. But when he accidentally finds out how complicated Erik Lehnsherr's home life is, he suddenly finds that distance hard to maintain.

Fill for the prompt: Erik is the teen dad of adorable baby!Lorna.

Student Teacher Relations: Chapter Thirteen

Rec Lists?

There are so many fics in this fandom, and let's face it - we will never have the time to read them all, and sometimes there are ones that aren't so great and we feel we've wasted time in reading. That's why I'm asking now for rec lists. It's become so time consuming to simply be searching for fics on here,, AO3, and the likes - I head off to work knowing I'll barely get any sleep after work while still searching for something I want to read. So I figured I'd ask if anyone here has any rec lists they wouldn't mind linking me - and anyone else - to. Typically people rec fics when they've really enjoyed them, and find them worth the time of other people, and so to save myself some time in searching for fics, I want to read what you guys think are great ones. I didn't really know whether I should've posted a rec list request anywhere else, so feel free to move this or lock this or whatever if it's in the wrong place. But I thought it'd be nice to see which fics are everyone else's favourites, and read them for myself to see why. I've been stalking one particular rec list lately and am finding much more success in discovering enjoyable fics through that user's rec list than through general searches everywhere. Thanks!