September 9th, 2012

Xmen - Charles art

FIC: Friend in Me [1/?]

Title: Friend in Me [1/?]
Rating: NC-17
Author: papercutperfect
Warnings: Vague mention of past emotional abuse.

Summary: Three days after turning 31, Charles finds himself single, unemployed, and back at his late-parent’s Westchester estate. He soon finds his favourite childhood toy tucked away in a closet, and makes a desperate, despairing wish -- only to wake up the next morning to find a very naked man in his bed, who looks an awful lot like that old childhood toy.

Author Notes: Written for the X-men Tales challenge. I really have no idea where this came from. Blame my sleep-deprived mind eyeing up the Toy Story magnets on my fridge.
like a boss (erik)

Fic - Stranger (1/1)

Title: Stranger
Author: th3f4113n
Pairing: Implications of Erik/Charles.
Rating: PG13.
Warnings: Angst since this is post-canon.
Summary: Fairytales are often told to caution the children, but the way he tells them, he always reminds them of the power of choice and change.
Author's notes: For the xmentales' challenge. Also inspired by the picture whitebat drew for this story.

Questions for Fandom and Some Thoughts- Deleted Scenes

Can someone explain to be the Charles/Moira deleted scenes? Most of the scenes made sense to me, maybe not necessary which explain why they were deleted, but I could imagine them in the movie. But (and hopefully this isn't just my fangirl sense protesting against the female love interest) those ones confused me a little.

The first one, in the CIA compoud, I'm not quite sure where that fits in. Guess it could have been before Erik cockblocking Raven and Hank, but the scenes at the compound were a bit montage-like so it doesn't matter too much. Though I can't help but wonder where Erik was planning to go that he felt he needed to lie about considering they both did actually change directions, my slashy headcanon is now that they were going to see each other and Charles chickened out and changed targets after that little exchange. And where the heck was Moira? That didn't look like a bedroom, more like a lab, Did Charles organise a meeting? Which she went to only to protest?

The second one just seems out of place, given how thoroughly she turned him down earlier (and the slash fan part of my logical processes has some choice speculation over what exactly she 'thought' at him). Was it supposed to be after the Chess Match of No Peace and the Naked Blue Raven (given the bottle he took out of the fridge and the one he had in that scene, though that seems really very out of place the night before Cuba)? Even if it was, its so short and random I really have no idea what its supposed to be.

Or on second thought, that may be exactly why they cut it out of the movie.

Anyone else got any idea?

Just a random note about the other deleted scenes, I thought Erik's flashback to the candles with his mother was really sweet, Charles did seem a tad too insensitive when telling off Alex, and the extended scene with Sean was hilarious.

What I wouldn't give for the Dragneto scene to have been left in...