August 17th, 2012

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[fic] peaceful coexistence is so mainstream - pg - charles/erik

Title: Peaceful Coexistence Is So Mainstream
Author: pocky_slash
Characters: Charles/Erik
Rating: PG
Length: ~1800
Summary: An afternoon shopping trip has Charles forced to explain Erik's role in a bizarre counterculture movement to the man himself.

Author notes: For the fan_flashworks "Mythology" challenge and hosted over there until the challenge is over. Takes place sometime after Everything About It Is a Love Song. You don't have to read that to read this, all you have to know is that Charles and Erik have retired together as old men. There are some throwaway references to comics canon, but it generally follows XMFC movie canon. Thanks to littledust and pearl_o for their usual beta assistance/validation ♥ (Also, this whole thing stems from a conversation I've had with littledust on multiple occasions about how Sir Patrick Stewart is the only person allowed to unironically wear a "Magneto Was Right" t-shirt.)

Peaceful Coexistence Is So Mainstream
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Evening/insert-timezone-appropriate-time-of-day everybody! It's the Friday boost for the chatroom, so why not come along to chat to some fellow XMFC fans and have fun! :D

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