August 10th, 2012

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Fic: In Your Honour

Title: In Your Honour
Author: black_betty_26 
Rating: NC17 
Pairing: Charles/Erik, Steve/Tony
Length: 19,569
Author notes: Originally written for the xmen-firstkink prompt, found here:, special thanks goes out to kageillusionz for the super quick beta, and to everyone on the kink_meme and over at Ao3 for all the support!! 

Summary: All his life Erik had fought to overcome the loss of his mother, and his meager beginnings. He had fought for food, for survival, for blood and vengeance, for honor and respect. He had fought for the heart of one boy, and he had given away his own in return. He knew how to fight.

He was entered in the Tournament.

And he was going to win.

(Read it here at Ao3:

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Morning everybody! It's the Friday boost for the chatroom, so just open the chat up if you get there before me, and have fun! :D

I think some folks are thinking that the chat is only open on Fridays – it isn't, though that's when it gets advertised/hosted for largely traditional reasons dating back to when kaitlia777 started the first community chatroom last year. Seriously, if anybody wants to use it at any time, go for it. If there's nobody else there, wait a bit and someone else may well show up (I generally have the chat up in the background if I'm online).

From a web browser, go to:, enter your preferred nickname and go to channel #xmfc_chat

If you prefer to set up a channel in a chat client, the server is, no password; just point it (via "join a chat" or equivalent) at the channel as above and you should find us!

Fic: The third who walks always beside you 8/18

Title The third who walks always beside you 8/18
Author apolesen
Fandom X-Men First Class
Pairings Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier/Gabrielle Haller, in all possible combinations.
Beta cicero_drayon
World count of chapter 7910
Word count of entire fic 94 000
Rating/warnings NC-17. Sexual situations, mental illness, professional misconduct, period homophobia, ableism and racism as well as casual misogyny, discussion of genocide and sexual abuse.
Disclaimer Marvels owns it, not I.
Summary After a chance meeting, the recently reunited mutant school-master and leader of the Brotherhood both become fascinated by Gabrielle Haller, a human who has demons of her own to fight. As Erik finds himself pulled between his mutant identity and his human heritage, Charles wrestles with his own ethical code and his attraction to his friend. The innocent distraction between the three of them rapidly grows more complicated and, ultimately, altogether more sinister.
Author’s notes Finally got the internet in my flat working! So sorry for the delay, everyone.

Had it not been for their tangled feelings, perhaps none of it would have happened.