August 9th, 2012

Angel & Dragons BW

Ficlet: Truth

I haven't done anything here in a long time! I missed them. Just a short bit for fun.

Author: Ashley
summary: Erik and Charles and a short conversation.
warnings: implied slash
disclaimer: not my property.
author's notes: feedback is love!


[fic] you are everyone - g - charles/erik

Title: You are Everyone
Author: pocky_slash
Rating: G
Length: ~1100
Author notes: For the fan_flashworks "Old Friends" challenge. Thanks to pearl_o for the beta and the encouraging agreement that an "Old Friends" challenge was made for Charles and Erik. Title from Dar Williams' song of the same name.

Summary: In the aftermath of battle, Erik realizes that hiding his feelings just leads to regret.

Victory always seems to leave behind wreckage.