July 28th, 2012

Charles [Gun You Down]
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Fic: Silent Hill AU

Title: The Memories Obscured [Your Silent Tomb] 1 / ?
Fandom: X-Men First Class
Pairing/Characters: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, Raven Darkholme, Emma Frost, Hank McCoy, Alex Summers, Sean Cassidy, Sebastian Shaw, others.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1168
Content: Silent Hill AU
Warnings: Major character death (in the past), detailed descriptions of violence, abusive themes, mind-fuckery.
Summary: The last time Erik had seen Charles, his eyes were closed, never to open again. Charles Francis Xavier had died. But on March 16th, Erik had received a letter that had sent everything -every last hope of peace that he had desperately clung to- to the deepest pits of hell. A letter from Charles, beckoning him to come- come to Silent Hill.

Part I : Love Long Lost
Little mermaid

[art] Safe + XMRBB update

artist: keire_ke
rating: if you don't pay too much attention, it's safe for work (but don't look too closely)
Warnings: this one implies gore and a manner of unpleasant things. Vague spoilers for Prometheus, although nothing that's not obvious from the get go, I mean, honestly, but I go into some detail in the discussion.

3.28*10^14 kilometers away from Earth...

artist: keire_ke
rating: no rating
Warnings: contains ponies

[XMRBB] The ponies are here to love, tolerate and hug you to death, if necessary (Or: My Little Pony: First Class).

artist: keire_ke
rating: work-safe
Warnings: a little blood, other than that it's fine

[XMRBB] Take me out to the black, tell them I ain't coming back.
xmen: erik&charles7 mouths

Fic: Points of Transition [R]

Title: Points of Transition
Author: Aeshna
Rating: gen, R for violence
Word count: 25,410
Characters: Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, Moira MacTaggert, Bobby Drake, Jean Grey, Alex Summers, various others. Charles/Erik friendship/pre-slash; background Raven/Azazel.
Warnings: violence, character death
Summary: Five years on from Cuba, Charles Xavier is still very much a part of the CIA's mutant research programme. But with the Supreme Court preparing to rule on a case that could have far-reaching consequences for human/mutant relations in the US, a chance encounter puts his present on a collision course with his past.
Notes: Written for crow821 as a part of the xmenreversebang challenge, based on this lovely artwork. :) Many thanks to ximeria for last-minute beta duties - you're a star!