July 21st, 2012

oh the angst

vid: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Title: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Fandom: X-Men movies
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Length: 2:43
Summary: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Music: Nina Simone - "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"
Footage: X-Men, X-Men 2, X-Men 3: The Last Stand, X-Men: First Class
Notes: Thanks to merisunshine36 for betaing/enabling. This wouldn't have gotten finished without her persistent cheerleading.

Downloads, streaming, lyrics: On DW | On LJ
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Fanfic: The Persistence of Iron

Title: The Persistence of Iron
Author: Sylvia / rheasilvia
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Rating: Rated PG-13.
Betaed by solo and csad. Thank you again!
Disclaimer: Not my characters.
Story Notes: AU based on X-Men First Class; story length ~48,000 words. Written for the xmenreversebang challenge, and inspired by the lovely art prompt by tindu.

Summary: Waking up in a lab with no memories and a blue-eyed stranger calling him by someone else's name is only the beginning of Erik's problems.

The Persistence of Iron

Searing heat. A roar of deafening noise. An irresistible, inestimable torrent of impact or agony that buffets him from everywhere at once, tears at him, crushes him; breaks him apart. He can't breathe, can't move, can't think, can't

"Max? Max!"


He wakes with a gasp and a whole-body jerk, breath seizing in his throat.

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Story on AO3
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Escaping the Problems of Peace

Fic Title: LJ: Escaping the Problems of Peace AO3: here
Author: pretty_panther
X-Men Verse: First Class
Characters/Pairings:Erik/Charles, Emma, Darwin, Alex, Mystique, Azazel, Bobby, Rogue, Kitty, Jean, Pyro, Ororo, Nightcrawler, Angel
Rating: R
Word Count: 6336
Warnings: none.

Summary: Charles had been part of Shaw's Brotherhood and in a relationship with Erik but when he finds out the truth of Shaw's plans he leaves and takes his telepathic friends with him. Now, Charles, known only to Erik as Professor X, leads the mutant safe heaven guarded by most powerful telepaths. Magneto on the other hand is a force to be reckoned with fighting his way towards human-free earth at the head of Shaw's Brotherhood.