July 17th, 2012

Translations: Adele's Fanmix For Dummies

So for all of you who read or plan on reading my awesome xmenreversebang fic where tween Charles and "Max" Erik Eisenhardt chance meet in an Israeli mental hospital, (also known as Translations), here's a fanmix, with art by the lovely kotokto. The downloadable version will be ready soon but I'm impatient and some people use dial-up so here are links to the youtube videos with relevant track titles. I picked them all myself so let me know what you think please, and also enjoy!

1. Charles Meets Mason (Gary Jules-Mad World)
2. Raven's Worry, Raven's Blessing (Pendulum-Witchcraft)
3. Free in Tel Aviv (Zoe Keating-Legions)
4. Max's Story (Apocalyptica-Romance)
5. Discovering B Ward (Funker Vogt-Tragic Hero)
6. Healing Magda (Zoe Keating-We Insist)
7. Charles and Max Say Goodbye (A Perfect Circle-The Stranger)
8. The Aftermath (The Cranberries-Zombie)
9. Epilogue (Metric-Help I'm Alive)

fanmix          fanmix1