July 12th, 2012

x-men first class

Fic: Flower and Willow and Steel (X-Men: First Class, R to NC-17)

Written for xmenreversebang.

Art Prompt Title: 1029
Art link: Art Masterlist
Artist: sarlyne

Fic Title:
Flower and Willow and Steel
Author: ilovetakahana / [personal profile] ninemoons42
X-Men Verse: Mainly XMFC, with additional characters from the comics canon
Characters/Pairings: Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, Moira McTaggart, Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and original characters.
Pairing is Charles/Erik.
Rating: R for main story, NC-17 for coda
Word Count: In total about 30k
Warnings: Cross-dressing and related genderplay. Graphic depictions of violence. Mention of torture, abduction, and sexism. Discussion of familial abuse.

On DW: Main Story | Coda

The hunt for international war criminals has led Erik Lehnsherr all over the world and then some, and it's gotten to the point where it's become his life. What is he to do when his list of names leads him to Japan, a culture he knows less than absolutely nothing about? Luckily he's not entirely been left to fend for himself in a strange country where the people speak a strange language and follow strange customs. Luckily he's been handed a key - except that this key is a person, and this person is carrying around even more secrets than Erik can guess.

Fic: The third who walks always beside you 5/18

Title The third who walks always beside you 5/18
Author apolesen
Fandom X-Men First Class
Pairings Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier/Gabrielle Haller, in all possible combinations.
Beta cicero_drayon
World count of chapter 6678
Word count of entire fic 94 000
Rating/warnings NC-17. Sexual situations, mental illness, professional misconduct, period homophobia, ableism and racism as well as casual misogyny, discussion of genocide and sexual abuse.
Disclaimer Marvels owns it, not I.
Summary After a chance meeting, the recently reunited mutant school-master and leader of the Brotherhood both become fascinated by Gabrielle Haller, a human who has demons of her own to fight. As Erik finds himself pulled between his mutant identity and his human heritage, Charles wrestles with his own ethical code and his attraction to his friend. The innocent distraction between the three of them rapidly grows more complicated and, ultimately, altogether more sinister.

The kiss lingered in Charles' mind.

fic: Translations (Complete)

Art Prompt Title: 2001 by kotokto 
Artist: kotokto
Fic Title: Translations (At AO3) 
Author: alernun​ (And many thanks to my artist and my wonderful beta speak_me_fair. Could not have done this without both of you!) 
X-men Verse: First Class and Comicverse
Characters and Pairings: Erik/Charles, Erik/Magda, Raven, Sharon Xavier, Cain Marko, Kurt Marko, A number of doctor and nurse OCs 
Rating: R 
Word Count: 19k
Warnings: Graphic violence, language, multiple references to the Holocaust, possible rape and abuse triggers, self-loathing, homophobia, sexual situations. Makes reference to Magneto's origin story as outlined in "Magneto:Testament" and other aspects of canon, but you don't have to be a comic reader to understand the fic.
Summary: Summer, 1949. When an old friend of Brian Xavier offers Charles an internship at his Israeli mental hospital, the young telepath is thrilled to be delivered from boredom and abuse. But a secret lurks within the sanatorium's walls, and a chance meeting with a Jewish boy named Max will blow Charles's new world wide open.


topher 5

FIC: Just A Boy - 1/∞, (XMFC, Charles/Erik, PG-13)

TitleJust A Boy
Characters:  Charles/Erik, Edie Lehnsherr, Raven Lehnsherr, Charles Xavier, Azazel
Rating: PG-13 (this chapter).
Warnings: Homophobia (discussion), mutant phobia ditto.
Word count: approx. 1000
Summary:  Erik moved the coin: a lot further than Shaw was expecting.  And as a result, we wind up with a Notting Hill AU set in the 60s, and a naturalized Erik and Edie, British citizens.
Disclaimer: I do not own nor make any claim in any respect regarding the film X-Men First Class or any aspect or character thereof.  I make no money at this game, all the malarkey is entirely unremunerated.
A/N: Mild-mannered Erik.  Bespectacled Erik.  Erik in a cardigan. 

Someone's got to finish a Notting Hill AU sometime.  You never know, could be me.  I'm buying a Euromillions lotto ticket on Friday too.

Just A Boy.

If the price of safety was hiding, he'd pay it.