July 5th, 2012

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new fic: Drowned and Glimmering Colour (R, 1300 words)

Title: Drowned and Glimmering Colour
Author: pearl_o
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Rating: R
Content notes: somnophilia, size difference kink, brief allusion to imaginary dubcon
Summary: Seeing Charles sleeping like this, it's easy to forget how much power he holds. (~1300 words)

LINK TO STORY: http://pearl-o.livejournal.com/1286701.html
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Sequel theories

Hi guys, like most of you I'm eagerly waiting for sequels news, but until then I want to hear your ideas. When do you think it's gonna take place? Do you think we'll get to see some Raven/Azazel? What do you think Moira's role it's going to be? Who will be the villain? Will we get to see Charles dealing with the aftermath of the beach divorce? Do you  think they'll keep Magneto's costume like se saw it in First Class?
I don't know, hit me with your best theories or tell me what scene(s) would you like to see.

Fic: Mutiny (5/?) (Pirate AU)

Title: Mutiny (5/?) (AU)
Authors: [info]adarkerheaven
Pairing: Erik Lensherr/Charles Xavier
Rating: Overall NC-17, this chapter NC-17.
Warnings: Slash and just a little bit of violence.
Spoilers: X-Men First Class
Word Count: 4,906
Disclaimer: Not mine. The characters of X-Men belong to Marvel and the creators of X-men First Class the movie.
Summary: The year is 1791, and mutants are still largely unknown to the world. Erik Lensherr, known infamously as Captain Magneto, leads a crew of lost and angry mutant pirates after claiming the ship from his predecessor, Captain Shaw. When he learns that the Governor’s son, Charles Xavier, is a telepathic mutant, he sets sail to raid his English town and capture him. However, Charles starts to become much more than just a prisoner to Erik...
A/N: This story was originally written as an RPG, which explains any shifty POV’s. This story is not beta read.

Chapter 5
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