June 29th, 2012


Night Ocean 22-25/? (dark Beach AU, Charles/Erik, NC-17)

Title: Night Ocean 22-25/?
by Meredith Bronwen Mallory (garnettrees)
Rating: NC-17. I'm serious.
Disclaimer: X-Men, all associated characters and imagery are all property of Marvel Comics. I make no money by writing this, and intend no disrespect.
Trigger Warnings: Abduction/kidnapping, mind control, light D/s, sub!Erik, dub con, noncon (not actual), captivity, non-pairing character death, drugging. And the kitchen sink.
Additional Warnings: (is is that enticements?) dark!Charles, Beach AU, mind fuckery like whoa.
Summary: Dedicated to the brilliant anon who issued this prompt over on xmen-firstkink: Charles trains captive!Erik to be the perfect submissive sex slave, with lavish praise, positive reinforcement, and firm and strict discipline mixed with kindness, encouragement, and plenty of orgasms.
Erik knows how to handle pain, anger, and cruelty. But Charles' approach just completely undoes him.

A/N: So, I barely got to any of the things on my 'to-do' list. -_-;;; Blast. This thing is a monster. However, if you have a thing for Charles talking dirty and/or calling Erik condescending pet names, they you are definitely in the right place. ^_^

TW for this set: slight Stockholm Syndrome, heavy D/s themes, the usual mind-fuckery, dirty talk during sex, and just generally Charles' filthy mouth. For shame. ;-)

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