June 20th, 2012

bigbangsheldon amy farrah fowler

FIC: Hostage to Fortune 1/1 (XMFC, Sharon Xavier, Kurt Marko, Charles Xavier PG, gen)

Title:  Hostage to Fortune
Characters:  Sharon Xavier, Kurt Marko, Charles Xavier
Rating:  PG
Warnings: off-screen murder
Word count: approx. 800
Summary:  Sharon ponders her choices.
Disclaimer: I do not own nor make any claim in any respect regarding the film X-Men First Class or any aspect or character thereof.  I make no money at this game, all the malarkey is entirely unremunerated.
A/N: not a cheerful fic, but sympathetic to Sharon.  I must stop writing non-Spring McFassy Fest things, what with the deadline looking dicey and the fic expanding and resisting control in my head.  Get thee behind me kinkmeme.

Hostage To Fortune

Kurt takes everything from Sharon. In return he does at least give her gin, and a bald, ugly pure-breed cat that no-one could love, though she tries. Kurt encourages her to drink, and since it makes everything else far far away, it seems a decent idea.

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