May 28th, 2012

X-School Musical
  • heidi8

VID: Call Me Maybe (Charles/Erik semicrack)

Title: Call Me Maybe

Song Credits: It's the fun. version of the Carly Rae Jepsen song.

Genre: Shippy angst! Also some degree of crack, but really, a lot more angst despite the theoretical peppiness of the song itself.

Rating: PG

Summary: As Charles is about to dive into the water where Erik is trying to stop Shaw, he has a flashforward (yes, it's also a slashforward) to everything he's about to experience. Will he dive in anyway, to help the man who will change his life in every way?

Collapse )

SO many thanks to hllangel and jlh for the beta comments and hand-holding reassurances that while this is slightly cracky, it had to be done. So many thanks, too, to gyzym who shared the fun. cover last week, so it could eat my brain and mandate that I do this vidding thing.

Fic: Into Your Tar, Honey

Title: Into Your Tar, Honey
Author: tomato_greens
Pairing/Characters: Erik/Charles, Raven, Alex, Scott, Angel, Logan
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~16,000
Warnings: Ableism, racism, sexism, depression. (All fairly mild, at least?)
Summary: Really, Alex doesn’t know why he’s in the damn class.

Author's Note: On AO3 here.

( Shake, rattle, and roll them bones, to hell with what you're not. )