May 8th, 2012

drabble series: Fanmail (2/?)

Title: Fanmail
Author: alernun
Words: 600
Rating: g-r
Summary: A series of stand-alone letters between Magneto and a few fans/personal friends written while he is incarcerated after Liberty Island. After all, "forever" is a long time to spend in a plastic box alone.
Warnings: Can't "Magneto talking" just be a warning?

September 2000: My name iz Jamie and I am seven yaers old and I gave this letter to my teacher to send...


Kitten fic!

Title: Sit right down and make me smile
Rating: It has kittens and cuddling, so I feel safe to say it doesn't even constitute as PG.
Word count: 1333
A/N: This is a self-fill for a prompt I posted on the kink meme about Charles and kittens. That's pretty much all this ficlet consists of; not much substance here.

Warnings: English is still not my native. This was written and posted on my phone, so there will be typos and weird formatting. Also, I've never actually owned a cat and know next to nothing about them. Hurrrr durrrr.

Also, it's a post-Cuba fix-it fic because I'm a fluff-addict.

Charles never would've thought a bunch of baby kittens could be so much work, with their tiny, uncordinated legs and pitiful mewls trying to garner his attention.

(Follow the fake cut!)


(no subject)

Title: Powers and Abilities
Characters: Erik, Charles, Mystique, brief mention of Jean Grey
Rating: PG-13
Notes: canon setting, unbetaed, spell-checked
Summary: "If there's one thing that really gets him off, it's power. I don't even know if he realizes this, but he's drawn to it like size-queens are drawn to the well-endowed."