May 6th, 2012

X-Men: FC: Charles v2

ADMIN: Beta Readers

It looks like the old beta reader volunteer post has gone AWOL (seriously not sure why, though), so I thought it was best to put up a new one.

If anyone wishes to offer their services as a beta reader, please leave a comment to this post.

Please include what you are and aren't willing to beta. This is the time to mention if you only want to beta stories less than 1,000 words, or if there are any genres you'd prefer to avoid.
erik/charles :D

Now and then I think of when there was Erik/Charles...

Hello! I have made a fanvid, because I couldn't understand there not being one about these two with this song.

Somebody That I Used To Know {Erik/Chares}
Music by Gotye
In which Charles remembers Erik.
Clips from XMFC and X-Men Trilogy.


Edit: Ahaha oh god wow. I leave the Internet for a day and a half and return to discover I fail at embedding the right youtube video. Accidentally the playlist the video is in. So, um. Here's what the video I meant: