May 4th, 2012


fic: Scenes From a War (Reveille, Reveille)

Title: Scenes From a War (Reveille, Reveille)
Author: tomato_greens
Pairing: Erik/Charles
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied rape; anti-Semitism; Alpha/Omega dynamics. More detail in the author's notes.
Summary: "If you have any questions,” the matron said, but she was an A-class, Erik could smell it on her, and he couldn’t bring himself to ask.

Author's Notes: On AO3 here. Cut text from Janelle Monáe's Cold War.

( We must brave this night and have faith in love. )
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It's time for the regular Friday chat once more! We've had a certain amount of success using IRC instead of tinychat, so we're heading back in there this time around. :) From a web browser, go to: , enter your preferred nickname and go to channel #xmfc_chat

If you prefer to set up a channel in a chat client, the server is, no password; just point it (via "join a chat" or equivalent) at the channel as above and you should find us!

If you've never come along to one of the chats before and are worried about fitting into an established group, please don't be – we're a very friendly chatroom and very international – why not come along and say hi to some fellow XMFC fans? :D The chatroom is up all the time, btw, not just Friday night (although that's when we have the most people) – why not come along and say hi!

I'm your substitute ops for the night, as Smitty has gone AWOL (planned AWOL, so don't worry *grins*)
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Fic: for here is love, and here is truth

Title: for here is love, and here is truth
Recipient: sasha_b
Ratings/Warnings No warnings, PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik, Ororo.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no way.
Summary: : It's a legal system. Magneto must go to trial. Set between the first film's imprisonment of him, the second film's opening, and the realm where comics play happily.

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