April 25th, 2012


Gif Search

Some time ago I remember viewing a gif that was a very long mashup of lots of X-men fanfic cliches, but I never bookmarked the link and now I can't find it. I remember it ending with Sean asking "fuck it, anyone got some weed" or something very similar. Does anyone have a link to this? 
xmen first class

Fic: Burn the World and Build on the Ashes

Title: Burn the World and Build on the Ashes
Author: nixa_jane
Pairing: Charles/Erik UST
Rating: R
Warnings: Movie Ending AU. Character death. Mutant Revolution. Non-graphic violence.
Summary: Erik is merciless after Shaw is dead, taking out Moira and sending the missiles back at the ships that fired them. Charles refuses to join him and they go their separate ways, but he keeps getting in the way and Erik can't allow him to interfere with his plans. More importantly, he can't allow Charles to be hurt.

Erik almost always won when they played chess.