April 16th, 2012

XMFC: By My Side

Window to Our World Part 9

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Summary: It's quiet...maybe a little TOO quiet....

Super big graphic. Lots o' foul language.

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Part 10

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Already working on the next installment. Oh these crazy kids get up to such shenanigans! ♥
OMG- has it really been 4 months! I feel so ashamed. So sorry- I blame the flu! *blushes*

Looking for a fic

Hey all, being the extreme dunce that I am, I completely forgot to bookmark this fic and was hoping you guys could help me out.

It was post-divorce, and even though Raven still goes off with Erik and the rest of the Hellfire Club, she still visits Charles sometimes and Azazel has philosophical debates with Charles, and Erik gets increasingly mopey and jealous as everyone bonds with Charles, until finally he comes back.

There was some side Azazel/Raven, and I distinctly remember Charles having some amazing baking skills that he used to coax Janus out of some sort of depression.