April 13th, 2012

xmen: erik&charles5 grin


It's Friday, so it's chat time – you know the drill by now! Your host has only just been reconnected to the internet ("five working days" are not words you want to hear just before a four-day weekend) so why not come and tell me what I've been missing? :)

~ Chat ~

If you've never come along to one of the chats before and are worried about fitting into an established group, please don't be – we're a very friendly chatroom and very international – why not come along and say hi to some fellow XMFC fans? :D The chatroom is up all the time, btw, not just Friday night – we often have quite a good little group going on Saturday mornings, UK time. :) Come along and say hi!

(in fact, definitely say hi if you do come along – the sound notifications don't let us know if someone has just quietly snuck in. We're not ignoring you, we may just not know that you're there!)