April 11th, 2012

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fic requests?

I know this is bad of me, but i would love to read some erik/charles fics where Moira is the bad guy is some way- She wants Charles for her own or something? It's a character flaw of mine, but i develop irrational dislike of characters sometimes, and Moira was the unlucky one here! Can anyone help please?
Thanks in advance! :)

Fic: Bell's Toll 9/?

Title: The Bell's Toll (9/?)
Author: monstrousreg
Word count:  
Warnings:  Violence, fast pacing, eventual NC-17. So, uh, the usual for me, I suppose. 
Pairing: Erik/Charles.
Summary: Nikkita AU inspired by this prompt. A sort of fusion between the two series, with a healthy (or not) dose of my own imagination. Charles Xavier goes to prison, and is recruited by a spy/assassin division of the government. Dismal a beginning as this might look, it unbelievably goes downhill. Erik, the necessary stoic ex-military man, gets sidled with him. Not a single person is amused.   


Looking for a lost fic!

So I'm looking for an Erik/Charles arranged marriage fic I thought I bookmarked but apparently didn't. I'm about to name a few vague and randoms things from the story so if anyone has any idea what I'm talking about I'd really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction!

1)The fic started with Shaw (who is a king? leader? whatever?) learning Chales is prophesized to give birth to some special child.
2) Shaw chooses Erik  to be the father of the child and sends him away to marry Charles.

Ok and here is where the vague part comes in...

3) Erik and Charles had met before at a party. I think there was a tree involved...
4) At the wedding reception the guests play cards and wager the game with candy. I'm pretty sure it was M&M's or Skittles or some shit. I think Erik gives all his to Charles in the end.
5) Charles eventually does get pregnant and finds this out because Azazel can smell it on him.

That's pretty much all I got, the fic was WIP when I lost track of it. If any of this rings a bell please let me know. I'm terrible at describing the plot to stories so please forgive me lol