April 6th, 2012


Never Let Me Go

TITLE: Never Let Me Go
AUTHOR: forcryinoutloud
PAIRING: Charles/Erik
CATEGORY: AU, Fix-it, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Humor
SUMMARY: We may not want the same thing, Charles, but if you think I could ever leave you like this, he projects, knowing Charles will hear him, then you don’t know me at all, my friend.
NOTES: This is pure self-indulgent fluff. I apologize for any toothaches this may cause. Many thanks to Layton for the nagging encouragement this is all your fault. ;) Thanks to lavvyan for the German corrections. *hugs*

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I know this has probably been asked before but I'm gonna ask again just to see what others think. It's kinda been killing me since I first saw the film...

Did Erik and Raven really get it on?

I'm not sure if the kiss was meant to imply that they did, or if it was more of a "you are lovely the way you are" kiss. My inner Cherik shipper wants to scream HELL NO!!! and leave it at that, but I'll let others give me their take on it. I was kinda (really) annoyed at how easily Raven seemed to be able to leave her brother wounded on a beach but hey, if I had just boned Erik Lehnsherr I would probably have a hard time not going with him too =)

Soooo...yay or nay?

Fic search.

Hi, I lost all my bookmarks recently and I have some trouble finding old favourites of mine.

Particularly an old one that I really enjoyed : it was a long fic, a fix-it with an alternate Cuba ending. It was written from Charles POV.

I know there is much like those, sorry I don't remember much but this fascinating peculiar detail from the end stuck in my mind :  it wasn't Erik who killed Shaw, it was Charles. With the help of his telepathic powers, he severely impaired Shaw mentally and physically, therefore causing some kind of brain death. It was something Charles swore himself to never do again (I think the first time he has done this was to a dog who barked too much when he was a child and suffered from migraines).

Apparently, it compelled his powers to manifest physically : strange eyes with unusual shape and colour thus a different vision, and something with his hair which, if my memory serves me right, became blue ;D

[general] signs point to yes

fic: of the night for the morrow

Title: Of The Night For The Morrow
Author: pearl_o
Pairing: Erik/Charles/Moira, Erik/Charles
Rating: NC-17
Content notes: voyeurism, oral and penetrative sex, control issues, telepathic bondage
Summary: Erik will fuck someone else if it makes Charles happy, but his attention is always going to be on Charles. (~1800 words)

LINK TO STORY: http://pearl-o.livejournal.com/1267239.html
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And now, hopefully, via the wonder of free hotel wifi, it's time for the Friday Chat! Am at Eastercon this week, indulging in an excess of geekiness (have already lounged around on the Iron Throne – needs cushions), so chatting online while in the con bar seems only appropriate.... :)

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