March 30th, 2012

xmen: window


It's Friday, so it's chat time – you know the drill by now! :D

~ Chat ~

If you've never come along to one of the chats before and are worried about fitting into an established group, please don't be – we're a very friendly chatroom and very international – why not come along and say hi to some fellow XMFC fans? :D The chatroom is up all the time, btw, not just Friday night – we often have quite a good little group going on Saturday mornings, UK time. :) Come along and say hi!

(in fact, definitely say hi if you do come along – the sound notifications don't let us know if someone has just quietly snuck in. We're not ignoring you, we may just not know that you're there!)

Somewhere to talk about all things slash?

Hi all! Really hope this is okay, mods, I wasn't sure where to ask this, and erik_charles is the friendliest option I know.

Simply, I've been trying to find a message board or community that generally discusses slash (I'm in a number of fandoms, but primarily X-Men and BBC Sherlock). I don't know anyone IRL who's into slash fiction, and sometimes I'll find out a random fact or an amazing story, and just REALLY NEED to talk about it with people who care. 

Any thoughts? *puppy-dog eyes*