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Title: "The notes from Erik - Interlude"
Fandom: X-Men: First Class, Journey's End
Pairing: Erik/Charles
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blood, violence, death of minor characters
Word Count: 8302
Summary: Erik and Charles as soldiers on the front of World War I.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, least of all copyright to these guys.
Author's note: So we're finally straying away from the play and entering into completely AU territory. That's why I've never called it crossover. I also can't believe I really wrote over 8k of this thing, my eyes hurt. It also accidentally fills my prompt 'War' on au_bingo card. It's truth it's part of the series, but it can be absolutely read a stand alone so it totally counts. Also, I'm not sure I'll be able to write anything more about war for some time now. And no, the fact that the cut says 'Interlude-Erik' does not mean I'm going to write Charles' part. That is the_me09's work.

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Student/Teacher Relations: 5/?

Title: Student/Teacher Relations
Author: poor_medea
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: This chapter: 5,100
Characters: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, Lorna Dane, Azazel, Moira MacTaggert
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.
Summary: As a TA, Charles knows he can't get involved in all his students' lives. He needs to keep professional boundaries, to make sure that he's an authority figure. But when he accidentally finds out how complicated Erik Lehnsherr's home life is, he suddenly finds that distance hard to maintain.

Fill for the prompt: Erik is the teen dad of adorable baby!Lorna.

Chapter Five
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Fic: Perturbation Theory (4-5/?)

Title: Perturbation Theory (Chapters 4-5)
Author: Sylvia / rheasilvia
Pairing: Erik/Charles, Erik/Others
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-con. This universe's equivalent of institutionalized misogyny/misandry.
Disclaimer: Not my characters. No harm, no foul.
Author's Note: This story is a somewhat subversive spin of the alpha/omega kink trope.

Summary: Renowned omega scientist Professor Charles Xavier wants to uncover the secret of the metahuman genome. Bitter alpha engineering student Erik Lehnsherr just wants to live his life the way he chooses – and change the world along the way.

The entire story so far

Chapter 4
Chapter 5
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Happily Ever After 3

Title: Happily Ever After 3
Author:  bowsie22
Pairing:  Erik/Charles, Alex/Sean, Sebastian/Emma, Hank/Raven
Summary: All fairytales start with Once Upon a Time and end with Happily Ever After.  This is no fairytale. cinderella AU 
Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is fiction.
Rating: PG-13 Pairings:  Erik/Charles, Alex.Sean, Hank/Raven
Warnings: MPREG, angst, mentions of abuse, both physical and sexual      

Erik was not enjoying this dinner
xmen charles erik picnic heart

Fic: Between the lines

Title: Between the lines
Author: seratonation
Pairing: Charles/Erik Pre-slash
Rating: PG
Summary: Erik finds a kid waiting on the street, and just wants to help him out.
Word count: 2547
Warnings: Hints at child abuse and neglect, attempted prostitution by a (just) under 18 year old.
A/N: This started out as a tumblr rps fic for this photoset. I switched it around and finished it. Betad by liamar13, all remaining mistakes are my own.

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