March 21st, 2012

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Drabble: Charles and Erik in Honolulu

One part of a 5 part drabble series (Five Geographic Mix-ups) that features: QaF (US): Brian/Justin, Glee: Kurt/Blaine, X-men: First Class: Charles/Erik, Suits: Harvey/Mike, Hawaii Five-0: Steve/Danny
Summary: five geographic crossovers and how each pairing adapts to their new locale (humor & fluff!)
A/N: written for fan_flashworks "Five Things" challenge.

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Walking After Midnight (Searching For You)

Walking After Midnight (Searching For You)
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Words: 4,000
Summary: Charles likes to take walks around his apartment complex late at night when he gets caught up with homework and overstressed. Also, maybe, because he likes to lurk a little bit on the insomniac from A32 who sits on his patio at odd hours with headphones and a chessboard. One day he’ll muster up the courage to talk to him.

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