March 20th, 2012


new holiday fic

This month's holiday is Easter! (Only because I wrote the Erik/Charles St Patrick's Day fic two months ago...) Enjoy!

Title: In The Sky Tonight
Word Count: 9,356 total; 5,914 (part one); 3,528 (part two)
Rating: R for sex!
Disclaimers: characters belong to Marvel, not me! Only doing this out of affection. Title and opening lines from the Foo Fighters’ “Next Year”.
Summary: this month’s holiday fic! Which is Easter, which means, um, obligatory sex-pollen-trope fic. Recruitment road-trips, fertility rituals, sex with complicated emotions, protective Erik, boys figuring out that they’re in love.

links to fic at my journal: [part one]    [part two]