March 16th, 2012


[XMFC] A Conspiracy of Ravens [Charles/Erik, Raven/Irene, PG-13] (Part II of VI)

Title: A Conspiracy of Ravens (Part II of VI)
Pairing: Charles/Erik, Raven/Irene, others to be advised
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Charles Francis Essex made an excellent courtier. As the son of Nathaniel Essex, a land-less diplomat, he had little to his name that he had not procured by his own devices, and luckily for him those devices were considerable.

When Princess Raven of Symkaria travels to Genosha to fulfil her marriage contract with its Crown Prince, she finds himself caught up in the storm brewing between Prince Erik and Sebastian Shaw, the Regent of the realm. She can only be thankful that her trusted advisor and friend Charles is with her; but as she's about to discover, he's got his own agenda. A modern day royalty AU.

Prologue and Part I
Part II

misc stuff that could be of interest

* Uncanny X-Men's metaphorical slash subtext. These are scans for the most recent arc of Uncanny X-Men where Charles and Erik get metaphorically slashed.

* JLaw says about a possible XMFC sequel: "I don't know, I mean...if they write me in, then I'm in," Lawrence told me during a "Hunger Games" roundtable discussion, after I asked for an update on her role in the "First Class" follow-up. "But I don't even know if there'll be...I've only heard what everybody else has heard, just whispers. I haven't heard the official word yet."

So nothing concrete has happened since they hired the writer and confirmed Vaughn would be back, I guess?

* X-Men: Season One was released this Wednesday. It's something aimed at new readers wanting to get into X-Men. It was terribly bland imo, but it had some Charles and Erik scenes.

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