March 6th, 2012

Merlin/Arthur love

Writing community pimp

I've recently joined writerverseand Phase 2 is starting! (Please let me know if this isn't allowed)

If you like to write come and check out writerverse! A community dedicated to creative writing, and those that love to write - whether your talents lie in prose, poetry, screenwriting, fanfiction, original fiction or a mixture of them all there is something for everybody here! And obviously you could write about Charles/Erik if you'd like to x

* If you do decide to join, please mention my username :)

Fic Recs - Alpha/Omega

Hey everyone!

So I've been really into the whole alpha/omega business recently (how can I not be, with how popular it seems to be in this fandom...), and I've been searching for more to read. Anyway, basically, I'd just like for everyone to rec all alpha/omega fics they know. :) Thanks!

Also, if anyone could rec some fics with knotting as well, I'll be forever grateful.