March 3rd, 2012

[First Class] Erik/Charles OTP

7 Itunes Shuffle Drabbles

Title: 7 Itunes Shuffle Drabbles
Fandom: X Men First Class
Pairings Erik Lensherr/Charles Xavier
Parts: 1/1
Rating: from PG to NC-17
Word count: 1170
Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men: First Class, sadly.
1. Completing the meme I started in this post: 3 Itunes Shuffle Drabbles
2. I'm not English and I don't have an English beta reader. So please excuse the grammar mistakes that you'll probably find.
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3 Itunes Shuffle Drabbles
Katy Perry

Cherik Fanfiction

Title: Freedom and Love In the State of War
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Rating: Adult
Author: VintageHeels aka RedStockings
Summary: Sebastian Shaw has been using the CIA to collect mutants for his Hellfire Club. Charles has been locating these mutants for years, but finally thinks he has found his salvation in Erik. Now all he need do is convince Erik to rescue him, only, he's too afraid to ask. Only Erik's idea of a rescue involves starting a war.
A/N: After many chapters of begining, the plot is finally kicking in, hurrah hurrah!
Find the Fic here: FFNET or AO3

Fic: Intellectual Property 4/?


"Untraceable" - Master Post

Originally posted by kiriana16 at "Untraceable" - Master Post
Title: Untraceable
Fandom: X-Men 
Pairing: Erik/Charles, Azazel/Raven, Shaw/Emma
Genre: Noir AU
Rating: PG-13 
Word Count: 14429

Summary: Charles F. Xavier is a detective in New York. One day he accepts the case involving kidnapping of the young heir to the Count title. It's not as easy as he would like to when there appears to be no clues of to how and where to the boy was taken and everyone keeps talking about Them.
Disclaimer: This author doesn't own X-Men and any of the characters portrayed in this story, it all belongs to Marvel and whoever made the movies. I own only the actual writing. 

Author's note: There was supposed to be one chapter more, an epilogue of sorts, but I decided that it's enough what already is. I'm kind of surprised actually that I did finish it. But well, here you go, everything easily accessible. I've also noticed how much my style changed over writing this thing and I would honestly want to rewrite it in just one, but well... No time and no motivation really. Sorry. This is also my first time posting in any community so if I did anything wrong, please correct me. I'm kind of nervous.

Part 1: In which there is no clues...
Part 2: In which there is no progress, but the team gets a new member...
Part 3: In which there is little to no progress and we meet Shaw...
Part 4: In which we finally encounter our favourite emotionally stunted Nazi hunter, who's not really a Nazi hunter in this...
Part 5: In which Charles has a really shitty day, comes to an uncomfortable realization and gets laid...
Part 6: In which there is not-so-awkward morning after, the boy is found and the identity of kidnapper is revealed...
Part 7: In which there is a confrontation and a (semy-) happy ending...
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Tales of Snow Chp.4

Title: Tales of Snow
By: Wynna Pendragon
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Charles Xavier/Eric Lensherr
Warnings: fairy-tale AU.
Summary: This is the tale of the snow prince, Charles Xavier. After the death of his mother, Charles must go into hiding lest he attract attention due to his unnatural abilities. As many people start to disappear, he realizes all is not what it seems, and he must brave the wild woods to save the ones he loves most.
Author's Note: currently unbeta'd.

Chapter Four

Fic: Eisoptrophobia

Title: Eisoptrophobia
Author: tink_sky_reid
Rating: M/R
Word Count: approx 3.5k
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Established relationship
Warnings: Violence (explicit, but in the past), nudity
Summary: There are scars on his body that Erik doesn't like to see. Charles is determined to make him realize that they are just another part of who he is.
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