February 29th, 2012

Charles Blue

Update, Supernatural and The Scientist

Title: The Supernatural and The Scientist
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Fandom: X Men First Class
Summary:Charles Xavier is a upcoming geneticist and zoologist who’s next big thesis reveals a little to much about the hidden werewolf community. Now Erik Lehnsehrr is suppose to figure out who it is feeding Xaiver the information and put an end to it. However, things are not what they appear.

Warnings: Future Slash, Violence, and general Werewolf AU

fic: and the wish is true

This little Erik/Charles thing was originally a rather belated birthday present for the splendid [info]avictoriangirl, but I thought other people might enjoy it, too.

Title: And The Wish Is True
Rating: PG

Word Count: 373
Disclaimers: characters belong to Marvel, not me; title from the Foo Fighters’ “For All The Cows”.
Summary: written as comment!fic for[info]avictoriangirl's birthday! Therefore, have some sugary-sweet fluff. No, I mean literally sweet; there’s a cupcake. (And also a tiny bit of emotional h/c, because I clearly cannot write fic without All The Emotions.)

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noel fielding

FIC: gifted and talented (XMFC, Charles/Erik, Erik/Mystique)

Title:  gifted and talented
Pairing:  Charles/Erik, Erik/Mystique
Rating: R
Warnings: None.
Word count: approx. 1450
Summary:  Raven never existed. Or to be more precise, Charles Xavier is (also) Raven.
Disclaimer: I do not own nor make any claim in any respect regarding the film X-Men First Class or any aspect or character thereof.  I make no money from this frippery, only have some fun.
A/N:  Somerset Maugham/Twelfth Night reference, Whitman reference.

gifted and talented
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An Erik/Charles Challenge

Hello everyone!
It is my duty to inform you that Minni's Challenge is launching on LJ and it is starting off with an X Men First Class Erik/Charles challenge. Here is the post:

Challenge 1: X Men First Class
Genre: Optional
Pairing: Erik Lenscherr/Charles Xavier
Prompt: In which Erik and Charles are in a true Dom/Sub relationship, with Charles as the Dom. Humanverse or Mutantverse, mutant prefered.
Bonus Points (three points each): Dirty talk in German, tea fetish for HV. Accidental warping of handcuffs, telepathic bondage for MV.
Deductions (three points each): Bad German, bad English, abuse of sub, crossovers, three-or-more-ways.
Ratings Allowed: R, NC-17
Multi-Capters? Only if fully completed by deadline.
Minimum Word Count: 3,000
Maximum Word Count: None

Minni is very specific. These challenges she issues are ment to make you work hard and think. There is a prize for winning too, if you would be interested: Minni will beta one story per win. (She is a professional, usually charging a great deal of money for her editorial skills.)

Here is the link to Minni's Challenge: http://minnischallenge.livejournal.com/  Please head there to check out the rules, and accept the challenge if you choose to do so.

And I have it on excellent authority as Minni's assistant that all of her challenges will contain an Erik/Charles prompt. They are her current OTP. So if you don't like that one, you can always just wait until the next one!