February 27th, 2012


Fic: Lie to Me (Denial) (2/3)

Title: Lie to Me (Denial)
Author: tink_sky_reid
Word Count: chapter - 3k, overall - 7k
Genre: Angst, Hurt without comfort, Unrequited love
Warnings: none
Rating: chapter - PG-13/T, overall - R/M
Summary: There's a lie in believe, an over in lover, an end in friend, an us in trust and an if in life.

...or: 1) Five Times Charles Wished He Didn't Have Telepathy and the One Time He Chose Not to Trust It, 2) Five Lies Erik Regrets and the One Truth He Can't Deny, and 3) Five Times Erik Visited and the One Time He Stayed.

(more info included in the actual posts)

Read on my journal or read on AO3.

(First chapter can also be found on my journal and on AO3.)

new fic: out of my head, into the clear

Written for a prompt over at the kink meme! Got a bit long...

Title: Out Of My Head, Into The Clear
Word Count: 6,378

Rating: NC-17 for the having of the kinky sex; see warnings!
Warnings: D/s themes, explicit sex, sounding (yeah, I know, but it's brief and I also blame the kink meme for the reasoning behind this), hurt/comfort, cuddling, tea.
Disclaimers: characters belong to Marvel, not me; title and opening lines courtesy of, as always, the Foo Fighters; this time, “Rope.”
Notes: for the prompt on the kink meme that suggested D/s themes in which someone actually uses the safeword, and then there is lots of comforting, possibly with tea. I just couldn't resist.

(link to fic at my journal)
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fic: This Is The End, My Only Friend, The End (1/1)

Title: This Is The End, My Only Friend, The End 
Author: alernun
Words: 1,000
Rating: R
Summary: AU oneshot in which Charles does kill all the mutants at the end of X2...everyone except Erik of course, who was wearing the helmet. 
Warnings: Rated for graphic images of violence, ptsd, shock, mass character death, serious angst. 

Here at my lj