February 24th, 2012


Fic: Let Freedom Ring 19/19

Title Let Freedom Ring 19/19
Author apolesen
Fandom X-Men: First Class
Pairings Erik/Charles, past Erik/Raven, mention of Hank/Raven, sort of brief Raven/Angel, references to future Scott/Jean
Beta cicero_drayon
Word count of chapters 10 977
Word count of entire fic 135 198
Chapters One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six - Seven - Eight - Nine - Ten - Eleven - Twelve - Thirteen - Fourteen - Fifteen - Sixteen - Seventeen - Eighteen
Ratings/warnings NC-17. Sexual situations, past physical and mental trauma, discussion of genocide, period transphobia, homophobia, ableism and racism, brief mentions of rape and suicide
Spoilers X-Men: First Class, X2 and (to a lesser extent) X-Men: The Last Stand. Some comic canon thrown in for good measure.
Disclaimer Marvel owns it, I don’t.
Summary Two arrivals to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters coincide - Jason Stryker, a child branded a freak because of his psychic powers, and Erik Lehnsherr, wanted terrorist and old friend of the professor. Jason is there as his father wants him cured - Erik claims that he has gone rogue from his own renegades. As tensions rise between mutants and humans, as well as between the suddenly reunited friends, who can truly be trusted?
Author's notes Due to LJ's allowed entry length, I had to divide this chapter into two posts.

First part of chapter nineteen
Second part of chapter nineteen
charles turned, how cold i and the world can be

[fic] xm: fc - caution - pg - charles/erik

Title: caution
Author: pocky_slash
Characters: Charles/Erik
Rating: PG
Length: ~700
Summary: Charles is unprepared to be alone.

Notes: So, last night at Past My Bedtime O'Clock, momebie posted a tweet from David Levithan's Lover's Dictionary twitter account and demanded people write words. So I did. The tweet in question is as follows:
caution, n.: You are unprepared to be alone.

Read it:
On LJ | On AO3

fic: intellectual property 3/?

Title: Intellectual Property
Rating: Teen
Pairings: Erik/Charles, others undecided
Warnings: Too many words
Disclaimer: really? 
Summary: Under no circumstances is Charles allowed to paint Mr. Lehnsherr. None. Emma doesn't care how darkly seductive the man is, or how he's the first thing Charles has wanted to paint in months. This is too dangerous to allow.

The day after the party Marie roamed back to Charles' apartment an hour before his keeper was due to arrive, and the moment Marie stepped in the apartment she nearly had a panic attack on his behalf. 

xmen: window


Okay, it's Friday Chat time – you know the drill by now! This week, your host has just staggered home from a leaving do at work with current!boss and three former!bosses, and is feeling rather... cheerful. :) *hic*

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If you've never come along to one of the chats before and are worried about fitting into an established group, please don't be – we're a very friendly chatroom and very international – why not come along and say hi to some fellow XMFC fans? :D The chatroom is up all the time, btw, not just Friday night – we often have quite a good little group going on Saturday mornings, UK time. :) Come along and say hi!

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fic: lost are the words (I still love you) [1/1]

Title: lost are the words (I still love you)
Rating: PG-13
Genre and/or Pairing: Erik/Charles
Spoilers: this is a canon!AU, so to XMFC (but Shaw makes it off the beach alive); it's also set in the same universe as "what a lovely way (of saying how much you love me)" and takes place after that piece
Warnings: mentions of past mpreg, death threats to minors (and villains)
Word Count: 2155
Summary: Erik, sometimes, has troubles staying awake. Being a headmaster of a mutant school is exhausting enough, but add to that balancing the delicate human-mutant peace, being part of Team Badass (current headcount: three members) that makes sure said peace is not threatened, cheesecake-induced indisgestion and - most importantly - being a father to an overly active ten-year-old, and no one should be surprised by that.

So. Sometimes, Erik has troubles staying awake. Sometimes, though, he wishes he had troubles sleeping.

lost are the words (I still love you) @ LJ
lost are the words (I still love you) @ AO3