February 21st, 2012

Charles Blue

The Supernatural and The Scientist, Chapter Six

Title: The Supernatural and The Scientist
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Fandom: X Men First Class
Xavier is a upcoming geneticist and zoologist who’s next big thesis
reveals a little to much about the hidden werewolf community. Now Erik
Lehnsehrr is suppose to figure out who it is feeding Xavier the
information and put an end to it. However, things are not what they

Warnings: Future Slash, Violence, and general Werewolf AU.

Chapter Six is here at AO3

  • alernun

drabble: ten times and the telephone lines (6/10)-Dregs

Title: Dregs
Author: alernun
Rating: pg-13
Summary: Ten dialogue-only drabbles featuring telephone conversations between Erik and Charles (or Erik's people and Charles's people) in rough chronological order. In this one:
"Charles...Mystique's attempted suicide."
Warnings: possible self-harm triggers, talk of violence, language, angst

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Fic Search - Fix-it with Cookies

So I could use some fluff fic, but I've been unable to find the one I remember and want to re-read.  It's a Post-Movie fix-it, cute and funny.  Charles lures all of the Brotherhood back to the mansion by being super nice and friendly to everyone.  IIRC it involves Raven going on regular visits to the Mansion to make sure all is well and coming back with homemade cookies for the Brotherhood. And I believe it ends Erik/Charles.

Does anyone remember this?

Thank you!