February 13th, 2012

X-Men FC: We Met At The Park

We Met At The Park - chapter 20: FINAL CHAPTER!

Title: We Met At The Park (chapter 20/20, this chapter 9376 words) 
Fandom: X-Men: First Class 
Pairing: Erik/Charles 
Rating: NC-17  
Genre: Romance/Drama/Fluff/HurtComfort/Angst (but with a happy ending), basically pretty much everything in one fic. 

Summary: AU, no powers. Unable to sleep one night Erik takes a midnight walk in the local park. He finds himself being followed and propositioned by a rent boy named Charles, and begins to fall rather rapidly for his charms. Charles however has never known what love is, and doesn't recognise it even when it's staring at him in the face. As for Erik, he doesn't realise a creeping illness is slowly affecting Charles, and his dark past is something he couldn't have imagined. 

Notes:  Inspiration taken entirely from James McAvoys character of Martin in the first 10 minutes of the first episode of Murder in Mind, where if you haven’t seen that he plays a rent boy who gets murdered (watch it here on youtube). The first couple of chapters follow the same sort of situation and dialogue, but doesn’t end with either Charles or Erik dead lol Plus added bits I've done my own, then it goes off in an entirely different direction.

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Chapter 20: 

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Jane Goldman talks yet a bit more about a sequel

It's not really anything of importance, it's just that every. single. time. there's discussion of a sequel, everyone makes a giant-sized grocery list of the mutants they'd like to see in the next movie, and Goldman kind-of-sort-of addresses that -

You’re working on a lot of projects and I’m not sure if you’re attatched to write the sequel, but, if you do, would you ever consider bringing back, say, Cyclops or Jean Grey?

You know, I can always make suggestions, and I did last time. Ultimately, those decisions come down to someone other than me. Would I, personally? Well, it’s really tricky. I think the route we had gone down with First Class — it’s sort of a question of where to go next, and I think those two characters were very strong, especially having [Michael] Fassbender and [James] McAvoy play them so brilliantly. In a comic sense, I still think there’s room for an X-Men [film] with the original X-Men [Laughs]. In terms of how they fit in this new universe that First Class kicked off, I don’t know. I mean, yes, I think there’s room for that. All sorts of ideas have been talked about and Matthew has some particular ideas, and, in this case, all of those decisions will be done through Matthew.

I just hope they don't add more than two (with substantial speaking roles), if they're planning to bring everybody from the First Class back. There's just no time. :/


The Bell's Toll (7/?)

Title: The Bell's Toll (7/?)
Author: monstrousreg
Word count:  
Warnings:  Violence, fast pacing, eventual NC-17. So, uh, the usual for me, I suppose. 
Pairing: Erik/Charles.
Summary: Nikkita AU inspired by this prompt. A sort of fusion between the two series, with a healthy (or not) dose of my own imagination. Charles Xavier goes to prison, and is recruited by a spy/assassin division of the government. Dismal a beginning as this might look, it unbelievably goes downhill. Erik, the necessary stoic ex-military man, gets sidled with him. Not a single person is amused.
Notes: I, uh. Meant to post this about seven hours a go, and then I went and opened the file and realized in my editing, I had... erased half the chapter and not finished it. And here I was so happily writing chapter 10.  


Deceiving people was so easy. )