February 11th, 2012

English Sensibilities

FIC: Utopia 21/? (WIP)

Title: Utopia (part 21)
Author: takmarierah
Betas: idioticonion, KaeKae
Pairings/Characters: Charles/Erik, Mystique, Beast, Emma Frost, Azazel, etc
Genre: drama, angst, au, dystopia, future!fic
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 8700/134k+
Warnings: dubcon, emotional manipulation, sex
Summary: Based on this 1stclass_kink prompt (and originally posted there).

"Erik has succeeded in taking over the world, but mutant utopia has yet to materialize. Charles is his reluctant companion."

Chapter 21 here!
  • alernun

Ten Times and the Telephone Lines (5/10): Mandate

Title: Mandate
Author: Alernun
Words: 440 this drabble
Rating: pg-13
Summary: Ten dialogue-only drabbles featuring telephone conversations between Erik and Charles (or Erik's people and Charles's people), in rough chronological order.

Erik fights dirty. Erik doesn't remember who he is dealing with.

Warnings: angst, dark!Charles, violence

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Fic - Intellectual Property - 2/?

Title: Intellectual Property
Rating: Teen
Pairings: Erik/Charles, others undecided
Warnings: Too many words
Disclaimer: really? 
Summary: Under no circumstances is Charles allowed to paint Mr. Lehnsherr. None. Emma doesn't care how darkly seductive the man is, or how he's the first thing Charles has wanted to paint in months. This is too dangerous to allow.

After a late lunch with her agent Emma dropped by to check on Charles, and found him at his easel with Adele blaring and half an empty bottle of scotch. 

This was not a good sign.

lso on A03