February 10th, 2012

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Yes, it's Friday Chat time, this time with added viruses! Not of the computer variety, thankfully – I'm currently on my fourth day in bed with full-on 'flu and in desperate need of cheering up/company I can't infect....

~ Chat ~

The chatroom is up all the time, btw, not just Friday night – we often have quite a good little group going on Saturday mornings, UK time. :) Come along and say hi!

(in fact, definitely say hi if you do come along – the sound notifications don't let us know if someone has just quietly snuck in. We're not ignoring you, we may just not know that you're there!)

Fic: Usiku (1/1)

Title: Usiku (1/1)
Author: monstrousreg
Word count:  
Warnings:  Mentions of blood and gore, possibly insulting language. 
Pairing: Erik/Charles.      
Notes: A one-shot inspired by this beautiful picture by Yaegakisawa. She is an amazing artist, and I saw this picture and this story just... assaulted me. 

Usiku means 'night' in Swahili. 

The sad truth is Usiku agents exist far from society and largely out of the law, by necessity )