February 8th, 2012

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FICS: Porn Battle Entries (plus a series update)

You get three for the price of one, this morning - to avoid spamming *grins*

In the Spirit of the 13th Porn Battle, I come bearing gifts:

Porn Battle Entries:

Title: None so Blind
Summary: Erik is so busy making sure that Charles doesn't notice that he's looking, that he completely misses the fact that he's being pretty damned obvious.
Rating: R
Categories: Pining, Humor, Kissing, First Kiss,


Title: Until You're Begging
Summary: Charles is tired of being told that he's noisy when they have sex, so he sets out to prove that he can sex Erik out of his self control.
Rating: NC17
Categories: Established relationship, Humor, tie-down sex

*ps - it can't be that Smitty and I are the only ones filling Charles/Erik prompts, can it? Do have a look? ^_^ *hints heavily*


Title: Mutant School AU part 4 - Bars, Brawls and Babysitting
Series: Mutant School AU
Fandoms: X-men First Class/Avengers
Summary: In which Erik needs a bloody keeper and Steve fails miserably at babysitting duty.
Rating: PG13
Categories: Established relationship, Humor, Crossover, AU modern day

Fic - Intellectual Property - 1/?

Title: Intellectual Property
Rating: Teen
Pairings: Erik/Charles, others undecided
Warnings: Too many words
Disclaimer: really? 
Summary: Under no circumstances is Charles allowed to paint Mr. Lehnsherr. None. Emma doesn't care how darkly seductive the man is, or how he's the first thing Charles has wanted to paint in months. This is too dangerous to allow.

Disgusted, Charles tossed aside his pencil and dropped his traitorous sketchbook to the ground, slouching back into his chair while he declared, "I think it's time I embrace that oldest and noblest of artistic traditions and become a raging alcoholic."

The Bell's Toll (6/?)

Title: The Bell's Toll (6/?)
Author: monstrousreg
Word count:  
Warnings:  Violence, fast pacing, eventual NC-17. So, uh, the usual for me, I suppose. 
Pairing: Erik/Charles.
Summary: Nikkita AU inspired by this prompt. A sort of fusion between the two series, with a healthy (or not) dose of my own imagination. Charles Xavier goes to prison, and is recruited by a spy/assassin division of the government. Dismal a beginning as this might look, it unbelievably goes downhill. Erik, the necessary stoic ex-military man, gets sidled with him. Not a single person is amused.      
Notes: Well, I'm back in Argentina! I survived Panama and Peru, and while they are both absolutely beautiful, I have to say I missed home. I've been delaying this update because I wanted to have some chapters written beforehand; that way I won't take so long between updates again, you have my word. My idea is to finish this story before the end of March, because I signed up for the Reverse Big-Bang. Figured it was time I participated in a fandom-wide activity :) Though to be honest I'm a little intimidated by the other authors. 


“Non-telepaths are never their own,” Frost smiled, gliding elegantly to her feet. )
Supernatural - power of love

[fic] Modern Vampire: A Guide, by Raven Xavier, Vampire Slayer 1/1

Title: Modern Vampire: A Guide, by Raven Xavier, Vampire Slayer
Rating: 14
Genre: fun
Pairings: Erik/Charles
Wordcount: 3.8k
Warnings: hints at violence
Disclaimer: story written for free entertainment only
Summary: An obligatory Buffy AU. Features Raven the Vampire Slayer, Charles, the frumpy Watcher to whom nothing interesting should ever happen, and Erik, the penitent ensouled vampire. The preceding statement is 100% true.
Author’s Note: Written for the kink meme. When I read it now I can’t escape the feeling it needs a proper story, with drama and action and stuff. If all goes well the backstory will get written, because it’s just so dramatic.

Betaed by yami_tai. <3

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