February 4th, 2012

Looking for a fic! Help plz.

Hi, I'm searching for a fanfic that I read ages ago and can't seem to find now, I don't remember if it was on LJ or AO3 but here it goes.

It's kinda Au, Erik tries to recuit a mutant whose powers he knows nothing about, he insults the mutant's (wife? family member?) because that person is human and he said that all humans must be killed (blah blah same speech) this mutant is so mad that she(he?) turns him into a cat.

He runs off and is found by Charles who is a human (non-mutant) in this story, Raven who works for Erik never told him about Charles because she was afraid that he'd kill her brother. Erik ends up falling in love with Charles while he is in cat form and changes his ideals of humans a bit. At the very least he doesn't want Charles to die.

In the end he changes back into a human and takes Charles to live with him, Charles is kind of frightened a little because he knows about Erik's ideals towards non-mutants. But he ends up loving Erik anyway and they are happy together.

please help me find this story, I can't tell you all how much I want to re-read this story.

Point of Intersection (PG-13), Charles/Erik.

Title: Point of Intersection
Author: nixa_jane
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Alternate ending fix it.
Summary: Charles stops Erik from launching those missiles, but doesn't stop him leaving. Now Erik has been taken prisoner, and Charles can think of nothing but getting him back.

His dreams since he has met Erik have always had the same theme. His dreams of that beach had him trying to save Erik's soul, and in this one he just wants to save Erik, even if it costs him his own.